Blasting Pots

Our Blast Pots are all completely stripped down, blasted, and then inspected. They are then re-coated and rebuilt to 'as new' condition. The pots vary in price and size, so please do get in touch if you'd like any further details or images. The prices shown are for complete packages, comprimising of Blast Pot, Blast Hose, Nozzle, Deadman Pipes, Deadman handle, Blasting Helmet and Breathing Air Filter. We are happy to sell just the blast pot seperately if required

Hodge Clemco 1028 Blast pots - Hold approx 25kgs (1 bag) of grit. Wide Range available, prices starting from £1295 for complete packages

Hodge Clemco 1440 Blast Pots - Hold approx 75KGs of media. Selection available from stock, starting at £1650 for complete packages

Airblast 1440 - Contractor blast pot, holds approx 75KGs of abrasive. Comes as complete blasting package £1650

Hodge Clemco 2040 Blast Pot - Holds approx 150KGs of media. Complete packages £1700

Hodge Clemco 2452 Blast Pot - Holds approx 300KGs of grit. Comes as complete blasting package £1850