Pressure Cabinets

Pressure Cabinets are ideal for the fast removal of paint, rust etc, while leaving a keyed surface ready to be re-coated. For more information about our pressure-fed cabinets, please call us or send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

MCR Odlings - Single phase rear mounted dust extractor. £3950

MCR Odlings - Pressure fed stonemasons blasting cabinet. This has just been re-sprayed and pictures will be updated when complete. £3195

MCR Odlings 101 - Rear mounted dust extractor 240v electrics. £2800

MCR Odlings Stonemason - Large pressure fed machine designed for the engraving of headstones with front and rear opening doors. Air operated tilt bed inside with rollers. 240V Dust extractor built onto left hand side. Just been shot blasted and powder coated, ready to be re-assembled. £4250

Vacublast Nova 100 - Fitted with large underslung pressure pot, and 3 phase dust extractor. £3295