Suction Cabinets

We have a large stock of Suction fed Cabinets, most of which have been fully refurbished. Suction Cabinets are generally used for delicate work, such as paint/ light rust removal, cleaning aluminium castings etc. Please get in touch if you require any more details of the machines below, or if you have any specific cabinet requirements. Most suction fed cabinets can be converted to pressure fed for a additional fee, if required

Guyson Super 4 - This unit is sold but more available from stock, starting from £1395

Guyson Euro 4 - Comes with choice of either single, or three phase dust extraction. £1595

MCR Odlings 101 - Single phase rear mounted dust extractor. £sold

MCR Odlings 101 - Single phase rear mounted dust extractor. £1695

MCR Odlings Stonemason - Large front opening door £1995

Guyson Super 6 - This machine has a side loading door and all the front opens up aswell, making loading heavy/ awkward items much easier. £1800 - Now sold but more Super 6's are in stock

Vixen Fox 25 - Side loading door, dust extractor on rear. All 240V. We also have a larger Fox 50 just in. £1650

Vixen Fox - Engraving cabinet, designed so the operator can be seated while using. Extractor on rear. All 240V £1550

Guyson Super 7 - This machine has recently sold but we will have another available shortly, priced at £2895

Guyson Euro 10 - The largest standard machine guyson manufacture and very rare to find for sale. Large turntable inside, comes with 3 phase dust extractor. £3800

Vixen VM42 - Year 2010 Large machine with front opening door. £3200